About Us
More than 20 years of experience providing Chinese food to the community.
Established since 1983, Lotus House has a long standing history of providing delicious Chinese food to customers. Without the support of our customers we would be unable to continue providing and serving top quality food. Our chefs have over 25 years of catering experience cooking authentic Peking and Cantonese cuisine. Over the years, our chefs have been improving their home recipes to keep up with peoples' changing diets and overall satisfaction.

Our shop is located in Colindale, a town that has a long history and fair share of historic buildings with the rest of London. We are proud to be part of Colindale's traditional history, as we are still one of the oldest Chinese takeaways within North West London that still serve authentic and traditional Chinese food. To add to our company history, we continued to open another branch in Kent.

Over the years, our business has evolved in order to improve the level of service we provide to our customers. In the late 90's, we integrated home delivery as part of our service. This has allowed us to reach long-supporting customers who have moved outside of Colindale and still choose Lotus House as there preferred Chinese Takeaway. In addition, home delivery has allowed us to reach new customers that live in and around the North London area. We also introduced the original idea of a special Lunch/Dinner box meal that is suitable for one person. This has since been imitated by many of our competitors and across to other food industries. Therefore at Lotus House, we have constantly set standards and come up with original ideas that fit with the overall market trends.

The management and all its staff would like to thank all it's customers for there strong support and custom. Without you, the customer, we would be unable to continue to provide authentic traditional Chinese food that is both fresh and delicious to eat.